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Since 1993 ConceptCommunication is in the business of supporting small and medium sized companies to achieve busíness succes in Western and Central Europe.

Going international needs adapting your company's strategy and information materials to local and regional culture and expectations.

We enable your organization, to speak the language of your new markets.

Located in the very heart of Western Europe, in the historic City of Freiburg, just a couple of minutes drive to France and Switzerland and just 90 minutes to Austria, nobody can offer you an easier route to the economic center of contenintal Europe.

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Business life is global. No doubt about it. We have been successfully suppporting small and medium sized businesses achieving their ambitious global goals.

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Global Business is Adaptive Business

The first step into a new market is the most important one: understanding local business requirements and adapting your strategy accordingly.

This is, where ConceptCommunication can offer support. International business rules converge rapidly beyond frontiers. But local culture and behavior does not. We provide guidance to find the right words, the appropriate images and of course, to meet regulations and business laws.

Getting the Foundations Right

Are you considering to start with just a Sales Office or do want to start with a fully fledged LLC or Corp. or do you think about a Partnership with an already established company in your region of interest? Whatever your ideas about starting a business in Western and Central Europe: We have been actively establishing new businesses in many European countries - always with the best mix of business opportunities, taxation and availability of human resources in mind.

Therefor we bring together the combined expertise of lawyers, tax advisors and property experts as well as recruiting specialists to lead your newly established business to a full success in the shortest possible time.